Working Dog 06.12.15Frida is still on the yob (sic–I miss Broad City!).

The community garden is giving mustard and spinach.  A neighbor gardener gave me garlic scapes.  Mine are just starting to appear.

The backyard garden is giving arugula.  Last night I made an arugula pesto with which I was very pleased.

I had lunch at The Brakes yesterday.  BLT on a nice roll, mint tea and a peanut butter cookie were all delicious.  I need to go more often.

I thought it was thundering outside but it was my neighbor starting his Harley.  Then it thundered.  If Harleys make rain, what do BMWs make?  Mine used to smell like red wine after it warmed up.  Might have been the red wine that leaked from the broken bottles in a case I had lashed to the pillion, but I like to think it was just class.

I think this is my friend’s bike.  He is honest and Cannonades are nice.  If it is your size and you need it, buy it.

Exclamation points outnumber periods two to one.  It is nice to see someone excited by their work.  These things were on my radar as a kid, but I never had one.  Don’t think I ever saw one in person.  Glad to see they are still in business.  There are days when I’d be happy to have one (but then I’d usually just stay home).

Hosannah its Friday (#HIF).


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