An episode of easy achievement.  That’s how today has rolled out.  I’ll stay close to home for the rest in hopes I don’t mess it up.Frida on Stairs

This morning Frida and I walked two miles.   She made it look easy.  Nice and cool, so good to take advantage of it.

Then I trailered Frida to the garden.  A couple of days with some rain have things looking great.  I brought home thinned beets and volunteer mustard.  I blanched the mustard, squeezed it into a rope and cut it into bit sized nuggets.  They get dipped in tamari as they are eaten resulting in the yummiest greens I know how to make.  The baby beet greens will be eaten raw with dressing.

I pedaled to the coop to get some midweek provisions.  Pad thai for dinner tonight and I was out of scallions, tofu and red peppers.  The coop was out of bean sprouts.  We’ll live.

Finally I trailered Frida to a coffeeshop where I got hopped up on a small cold brewed coffee (I’ve all but stopped drinking the stuff so when I do I am easily revved) and she soaked up lots of stranger love.

Eight miles of pedaling and two walking make an even ten.  I’ve earned a beer.

Hope you too have enjoyed some easy living.


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