Today we are celebrating Frida’s 14th birthday!Frida Walking 05.30.15

Lacey took the above photo.  She must’ve greened it up some.  Frida's Birthday Macabiscuits 06.01.15

It is a rainy birthday so Frida is sleeping inside on the bed.  She doesn’t seem to mind.  Later she’ll get a piece of a birthday Maccabeescuit.  Why Maccabee shaped biscuits?  It is our most delightful cutter (we have only one set made up of Chanukah shapes).  The chef’s knife is a nod to Lagusta (I noticed the shape in the void between the sword and right leg), so I saved one.

On Sunday we had brunch at Druthers.  Three appetizers between five people filled us up so we didn’t try entrées.  The hummus and olive tapenade appetizer came with herbed flatbread that was surely made in house.  They gave a generous portion of both dip and bread and it was very tasty.  George’s gose was the best I’ve ever tasted (but my experience set contains fewer than a half dozen).  As good as George’s beer is, I am glad to learn they are offering pours smaller than sixteen ounces–ten and five if my memory serves.  One of our party ordered a tasting sampler, from which I tasted a smoked marzen (also a delight).  Druthers Albany is a great place.  If I lived closer, I’d be there every week.

I should go say hi to Frida.  Take care.




2 responses to “Wonders

  1. Oh wow, so great to hear the big F is doing well. That knife cookie! Wowww

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