I’ve been spoiled by pulling Frida around town in her trailer.  Everyone is so safe and nice.

Smiles 05.29.15

Today I pedaled to CVS to get some medicine for Frida.  Lacey was along, too.  We left Frida sleeping in her yard.  At the end of our block I entered an intersection when the light turned green for us.  As I came along side a white Mercedes SUV that had been stopped in the intersection for the minute I was waiting for the green, the SUV started to go.  Slowly.  The driver saw me and I motioned with my right hand that I was going to finish pulling in front of them to get to the curb, which I easily did.  The passenger, though, was unhappy.  Thankfully I said nothing in reply.  It still spoiled the rest of the ride.  I wonder if anyone has been diagnosed for PTSD from a lifetime of undeserved abuse atop the pedals.  It can be quite scary.  Glad I’m strong.  Sigh 05.30.15

Leaving CVS, a woman with an accent Lacey identified as Russian said “Bicycle!  Good!”  I asked her if she had one and she said yes, adding that her son was on a team.  That was sweet, well timed and helped some.Camp Chair

I scored a swell camp chair at a garage sale shortly thereafter.  That helped some more.  The aluminum was greasy and the canvas was dirty, but simplegreen, metal polish, laundry detergent, water and twenty minutes sorted that nicely.  Best $2 I’ve spent in some time.

Happy to be home where there are no pent up anger boils waiting to rupture.  Lacey and Frida are napping and I’m processing my trauma by writing to you.  It’s sad.  I only wanted to get medicine for Frida, enjoy the weather and get a little exercise.  I look forward to pulling Frida tomorrow or Monday.  Dogs are magical good luck charms.

Hope you are well.

2 responses to “Balance

  1. RE: MB SUV occupant’s reaction to a bicyclist: I find it helpful at such times to remember that half of everybody is below average. Overall for your day, though, it looks like despite an exposure to the lower half, your overall balance came out in your favor.

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