I went to see TV on the Radio and the Pixies at Ommegang on Friday.  Camped there overnight after the show.  It was cold, but amazing.  I encourage you to see shows there and camp.

I had a hard time finding rules online.  Tough for me to plan without rules!  Here’s what I learned by going.  Parking opens two hours before the venue opens.  The venue opened at 5 and we were there at 3.  We weren’t alone.  About 20 cars were waiting to be let in.  As soon as we parked, trunks opened and the drinking of beer commenced.  A very pleasant scene, in and of itself.  Made friends straight away.

You can bring in beer in cans (no glass) to the camping area.  No open fires or cooking stoves.  Once the campground opened (was it at 4?), we went in and set up our tent and chairs.  We followed the masses, turning left as soon as we got in the campground.  That put us in view of the stage.  Probably should have turned right, up the hill.  Much prettier up there, further away form the hubbub and the trees would have blocked the very cold wind (it was 33 that night).  The campground had a shower trailer.  I didn’t check that out but my friend did and said it looked nice.  The campground is separated from the venue by a fence.  You have to show a camping bracelet to get back into the camping area.

The venue had plenty of good food.  I had a delicious bowl of chili at Origins Cafe food truck and some fries from the Ommegang tent.   Of course there was plenty of Ommegang beer, but only three varieties–Hennepin, Rare VOS and Witte if my memory serves.

Both bands gave terrific performances.  I wondered how much oomph the Pixies would have.  As it turns out, lots.  I pogoed for 30 minutes solid and my legs hurt for two days.

Monday I carried a fire extinguisher to a neighbor who used it to put out a burning ’30s Harley.  I was walking to his neighbor’s house to socialize and saw him sitting on the bike with flames coming up between his legs.  I rang his neighbor’s doorbell and said the bike was on fire and they handed me an extinguisher which I handed to the now dismounted Harley owner.  Luckily, he got it out quickly and the bike will be put back in order without too much trouble.  I wish I had the presence of mind to ask for an extinguisher.  As it was, I only had instinct to share the news of the fire.  Good reaction, then, from our neighbor with the extinguisher.  I want those kind of instincts.

I also need fire extinguishers!  I have a dead one and a tiny but still charged one.  I went online to research and picked out Amerex ABC 10 pounders with brass valves.  I think I’ll buy three.  $91 with free shipping from Amazon, but I called Albany Fire Extinguisher and said I hoped they had competitive prices.  $89.  Sold!  I will pick them up tomorrow.  Best part is Albany Fire Extinguisher recharges them if I use them or they go low from sitting.  Now all I need to do is train my mind to grab one when I see a fire.  Here’s hoping I never need to.Frida and Seedlings 05.26.15

Yesterday Frida and I pedaled to the garden to put out all the rest of the seedlings.  Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.  Frida needs the whole of the trailer, but I discovered that the included stroller handle cradled perfectly a Rubbermaid bin in which the seedlings were safely transported.  I wouldn’t put a bunch of weight on that handle but the bin and the seedlings seemed to cause no harm.  Another car free day.  I’m loving this Tail Wagon.

Take care!


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