Her Chariot Needn’t Wait

Frida at Pond 05.07.15After Frida’s morning walk and portrait session (above), we rolled to the community garden to plant seeds for beets, napa cabbage, endive (I should now settle on a pronunciation), spinach and beans.  I planted seeds.  Frida slept by the shed.

Garden 05.07.15

I am so happy I bought the Burley Tail Wagon!  Day two and she now lays down as soon as we are underway.  Much easier than surfing the bumpy roads.  Admittedly, Frida looks miserable below but she isn’t as cramped as she looks.  She scoots forward six inches and then fits very well, but she wouldn’t scoot for the photo shoot.  Very strong willed these days.

Frida in Tail Wagon 05.07.15

After the garden, we went to CVS for some eye drops (always buying Frida eye drops), to Oliver’s to fill a growler (Uinta Hop Nosh at 7.99 for 64 ounces is a great deal), to Lynn’s to pick up food and then to my friends back yard for lunch. This trailer has really freed us up!

Here’s a photo taken by my parent’s dog’s sitter.  Isn’t it a gem?  I showed it to some friends and they didn’t seem wowed, but there is something about it that really tickles me.Daisy and Friends

Back to work.  Take care.



2 responses to “Her Chariot Needn’t Wait

  1. Christina Abbott

    I feel like the photo your parent’s dog sitter took is something out of a doggie yearbook, if there were such a thing. Maybe we should have doggie yearbooks. If Roscoe signed Frida’s yearbook it would say “I wish I was as well behaved as you in public. Have a nice summer!” Rufus would write a giant run on sentence to Frida that made no sense.

    Miss y’all. Hope we can see you soon. Warm enough for a lake swim. Or a toe dip if eels be frightening ye. The last part is meant to be said aloud in a pirate voice.

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