Three Magic Things

Last night I enjoyed the best ride of the season.  One point six miles from two games of Scrabble (I won both!) to home at 10:15 pee em.  Blinkies front and rear made me visible to… no cars!  I bushwacked back roads all the way home.  I did meet a friend walking his dog and had a nice exchange, but the rest was slow silent rolling through an otherwise unpopulated world the thermostat of which was remote controlled by my mind.  It was perfect.Magnolia 05.0.15

This morning our magnolia tree was at the peak of its bloom.  My nose isn’t great and works less well when populated by pollen, but if I stick it in a bloom and pull the perfume is sublime.  Magnolia Bloom 05.01.15

Today Frida barked–twice.  She has hardly made a sound since mid-January.  As a genuine temple dog she has always tended toward quietude, but she used to break her silence three or so times a day to let us know she wanted to go out or come in or that an unauthorized person was crossing our walk.  We think she barked a week ago.  Maybe once the week before that.  Both were unconfirmed, though.  Today we were sure and we loved hearing her cute voice.  Never incessant.  Just two loud barks and then again with the waiting.  And just now again for three times!  This feels really good.  I can’t but believe she is feeling better.  Frida 05.01.15

I didn’t catch her midwink, but please give her a break.  She has her reasons for one partially closed eye.  Earlier today we also circumnavigated the pond at a reasonably good pace.

She sniffed, pretended to see and soaked up stranger love.  I could not engineer a better end to the work week.

Hope your weekend is swell.

P.S.  Don’t forget the 5th Annual Albany Bicycle Expo 2015, Sunday, May 3rd from 10 to 4 at the Washington Park Lakehouse.  I won’t be selling this year, but there will be reasons aplenty to enjoy yourself.

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