I’m trying to not buy records.  Tidal, a music streaming service to which I recently subscribed, is helping me do that without any sense of loss.  I feel much better off.

Tidal is expensive at $20 a month but I used to buy about an album a month at or above that price.  Now at the end of the year I don’t have 12 albums.  I have thousands.  I am listening to Low’s Transmission EP right now.  Best thing I’ve heard in a long while.  I have one Low CD and have always loved it, but have never sought out more.  Now, for as long as I let Tidal pluck $20 from my credit card each month, I have all four of Low’s albums and seven of their EPs.  This is going to be fun.Seedlings 04.29.15

The seedlings are enjoying visits to our patio for real sunshine and light breezes.  Still 30 days from putting them in the ground (if I can wait that long).Frida Eating Grass 04.29.15

Frida just lapped the pond and chewed her first 2015 grass.  She was slow at the end, but it was warm and the end is uphill.  She made it.  I am so happy for her.  She’s getting the lazy dog days in the back yard that I so hoped she’d enjoy.

Spring is here!  Smile in between sneezing!


2 responses to “Vapor

  1. for 20/mo, do they send uncompressed music? just curious. and do you have the option to download songs to take with you on the road, etc?
    do you get these comments? i’ve written this way before, but never seen a response…i know, maybe the questions aren’t interesting.

    • Hello! I respond to every comment I get and I feel like I’ve seen many comments from you. I wonder what is up? Anyway, they send cd quality music. It is up to you to make sure the set up in your home carries that through to your speakers. I send the music around my home via wifi not all links of which are super fast. Still, the music sounds rad. Much better than I’ve heard with free services. You can download music to carry with you. I’m sure they offer free trials. I got 90 days free when I bought a Bluesound Node.

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