A Fine Wheel

Not as in meh, but as in refined.  Mike delivered it Friday.  I had a roll up and down the block on Saturday but today I rode miles.  Very fine miles they were.BV 04.18.15

I won’t use up the servers to show you pictures of the bike since the maker takes better pictures than I ever can.  The silent ride (thanks to perfect adjustments and no accessories) and relaxed geometry make for a very pleasant sunny day roller.BV 04.19.15

The organizer of our local tweed ride didn’t this year but we were invited to meet him at the Olde English for brunch.  On it!  I didn’t tweed it up much but managed a tie and my fancy new boots (which are terrific for pedaling atop the lightly modded MKS pedals).  rnfaoe 04.19.15

Lacey brought Frida to meet us.  Frida is turning into the ideal pub dog–she slept the whole time she was there.  I was a little surprised that she didn’t want a french fry but she shouldn’t be eating those anyway.  Smart girl.Randy and Frida 04.20.15

One the way back we toured north Broadway.  Stopped at Nine Pin for a delicious dry hopped cider and pedaled past George’s new brew pub.  One of his partners said they are a couple of months away from opening.  Something to which to look forward.

Frida is still having a hard time but I guess that is to be expected.  A really old dog doesn’t after a long illness awake as a young dog.  Still, we are enjoying her company and watching her sleep in her yard.  To be continued.

I’ll bet you are enjoying Spring too.  That’s my hope.  See you soon.

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