Frida’s ulcers have healed!  Just found out today.  She still can’t see well but tomorrow she’ll start a med that, if she can tolerate it, may reduce the cloudiness in her eyes.  A measure of near term hope is more than I thought I’d get, so I’ll take it.  Best part is, no more mask.  Much easier for us and much more comfortable for her.  fs

Sunday I found a bat hanging from Frida’s collar (which was hanging from a coat rack).  I wanted to get it in a bag but my smarter half suggested I simply carry the coat rack outside.  bor

I did and the bat came along without waking up.  Then I put the collar on the ground and worked to pry its tiny claws off (the collar).  Such a cutie!  I was sure it would start flying as soon as I came near it.  Not so.  It acted like a teenager who didn’t want to get up for school.  I hope it doesn’t come back inside or have friends inside.bog

The weather has changed for real.  Sixties.  I’ve pedaled to the store and the FedEx drop box.  If I keep this up, I’ll have a shot at shedding my winter weight.  Unless I keep having people over for beer on the driveway.  I called the event a burdensome beer party.  Like an ugly sweater party but with a purpose.  Bring a beer that you didn’t make go away over the winter.  I was thinking imperial stouts and the like, but all kinds of things showed up.  So I may have helped my friends get rid of a few beers.  Only problem is, they brought more than they drank and now I have more beer than when I started.  Great if you are in college. If only.

That’s all I have.  Plenty as far as I am concerned.

8 responses to “Victory

  1. Richard Putnam

    how did the bat get into the house?

  2. Hooray Frida! Hooray bat! Hooray Randal!

  3. Christina Abbott

    Excellent news about Frida! I’m glad you freed the bat with no issues. It is interesting/timely how bats have poor eyesight and Frida has been going through eye issues lately. Maybe it was a sign from the universe that it was nestled in Frida’s collar – a little inter-species way of saying “Hang in there friend!”

    • I like the way you think! Thanks for brightening my day with your comment.

    • Echo-Located Human Deafened by Tiny Rodent

      “Hang in there …” — that’s funny, sister. Flew right over my head at first.

      Bats are considered auspicious in China (they even weave the motif in rugs), and I just discovered from Wikipedia that they’re considered lucky elsewhere: “Chinese lore claims that the bat is a symbol of longevity and happiness, and is similarly lucky in Poland, geographical Macedonia and among the Kwakiutl and Arabs.” The “longevity and happiness” part is probably nullified if you let them bite you, though.

      They also can be a real terror to remove from your dwelling if they’re not asleep, as I learned one day a few decades ago. I resorted to trapping it between a brick wall and a tennis racket, at which tactic the little beast screamed like a wicked banshee. My recollection of what followed is blank, but I think we got it out of there with little further ado.

      Best of luck to Frida and all her friends!

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