One Word Post

Here.  More words?  I just noticed it was posted on April 1, 2015.  I’ve long known I am a fool and derive no pleasure from being reminded.  Sigh.

Frida atop Albany


3 responses to “One Word Post

  1. I love this picture, Frida and you!!!

  2. Same Guy as Before

    You’re no fool, sir — quite the contrary, and I’m always hoping a bit of your wisdom rubs off on me. (Strewth!)

    I also was completely credulous of the powdered beer fraud, for the following reason: awhile back, I was surprised to discover that Xylitol, the sugar substitute my friend advocates, is a sugar ALCOHOL, and it comes in the form of a POWDER. [Cf. ]

    (Not only that, but it’s said to be good for your teeth. “Who knew?!” Now we just need a form of beer that continues to improve health with every additional glass….)

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