I was thinking about the iPhone camera plus binoculars trick I used yesterday.  It occurred to me that someone must have done this and that it would not be difficult to make an iPhone case with a bracket to hold a binocular in the right place.  Maybe a 3D printer project?  To Duck Duck Go I went.  Of course this is a thing and of course someone is making an adaptor.  For example, a photographer shot the 2012 summer Olympic Games in London with some iPhones and a Meopix. The Meopix adaptor sells for $70 on Amazon.  They don’t make one to fit the eyepiece on my binoculars, but I could easily shim up one eyepiece to make it work.  Probably won’t, but maybe you’d be into it?

Frida had a swell day yesterday and is a bit less swell today.  I’ll let her rest.

One last thing.  People sometimes suppose that being vegan is hard.  Nine out of ten times they say they couldn’t give up cheese. Cheese!  Cheese isn’t the hardest part.  Giving it up was easy.  The hardest part?  People.  People can be so cruel.  So much more cruel than cheese is good.  Someone I know was pestered yesterday.  Nothing she couldn’t and didn’t handle but still.  Professional adults behaving as if manners were carcinogens.  Please behave.  All we are doing is eating.  Same as you.  Have a problem with that?  Please keep it to yourself.

Take care.

2 responses to “Innovation

  1. Christina Abbott

    Hi Randy. We miss you and Lacey and hope we can have a Saturday hangout again at our house sometime in April. I hope Frida continues in her healing. I voted for you (Best Local Blogger) in the Times Union Capital Region ‘Best of’ survey today. Whee! In addition to sharing some things about your daily life, you also provide really great insight into new restaurants, beers, local laws (or lack thereof on certain matters), and you just offer an honest perspective on things. Thank you for sharing!

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