Brief Hello

Frida is sunning herself out back in her relatively new Optivisor.fios

This picture and the next are weird–I shot them with the iPhone looking through a binocular.  Not a bad effect.  Maybe better than the crop “zoom” on the iPhone.

She has had the Optivizor for a month but hasn’t used it much.  Unlike a cone, with the Optivizor she looks through plastic.  That hasn’t worked well for her.  We nicknamed it the Immobilizer because wherever she was when we put it on, that’s where she’d stay.  Handy for us, but cruel.  fiost

Trying the Optivizor again now because it such a great design.  Much smaller and the plastic shield protects her eyes from things other than her paws.  Frida walks into all sorts of objects in the cone so there is always a risk of injuring her healing eyes.  If she acclimates to the Optivizor, she can bump into whatever she wants and be protected.  Best part is, she can walk through her shrubs (assuming she gets the hang of it).  Other benefits include easier eating and drinking and it should be much more quiet and less destructive when she bumps her way around the house.  We’ll see.  So far today she’s crossed the yard twice in it.  Small victory.  Fingers crossed for more.

I am going to try to source some motorcycle vizor sunblocking tear-offs and try to fit them onto the Optizivor.  Corneal ulcers cause light sensitivity.  Now that the sun has returned, a little eye shade may be in order.


Last night I made gochujang tofu adapted from Vegan Miam.  So good!  Might be the best tofu preparation ever.  Thank you!  For this (my third) go at the recipe, I reduced the oven temp to 350 F and the time to 35 minutes and skipped oiling the parchment.  Her 400 F for 40 minutes burned the sugar in the gochujang and the oil it is unnecessary.  We put it atop pad thai from  Chat Mingkwan’s Buddha’s Table.  Best pad thai recipe I’ve encountered.

High forties today.  Should feel pretty nice.  I will try to pedal to the coop for some Beast Burgers.  My friend suggested I try them when I mentioned missing the super meaty veggie burgers from McFoster’s in Omaha (RIP).

Enough.  Bye!


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