It felt like Spring for a couple of days but the cold returned.  It is supposed to warm tomorrow, but the weather report seems to promise warmth two days hence and then daily kicks the can down the street before I grasp it.  It will come, it has to come, so I’ve planted seeds in my seed starting station.  Calabrese broccoli, collards and basil are up.  The tiniest seeds sprout

Yesterday Frida visited her ophthalmologist (this time I spelled it right on the first try–did you know it had two Hs?).  The ulcers are healing but not healed.  Three more weeks of hourly this and that gloop in her eyes and the cone, then another visit to the ophthalmologist.

It has been hard and when it is not hard (she naps a lot), I start to feel the weight of it.  As I’ve put down these nine sentences, four times sounds from the bedroom had me race to check.  She is on the bed with the cone and sometimes needs help to find her stairs.  All four times she hadn’t moved.  Just chupping her lips.  To say I am on edge is an understatement (but to not be in the bedroom with her for even a moment is sumptuous).

She generally keeps her eyes closed even when moving around.  Still taking walks but I guide her.  Snow and ice are less of a problem but a crack in the sidewalk or a well-edged lawn can bring her down.  I told myself when I started this post I’d be positive–and I am confident she will heal herself–but it is so slow.  Thanks for letting me vent.

The seventh ritual pizza was again very good.  This time I used half whole wheat pastry flour and half 00 flour.  Lacey said she preferred it to the all 00 flour crust.  I am not so sure.  White flour is crazy good.  Toppings were sautéed spinach and mushrooms and roasted garlic cloves.  I like rituals.

So twenty days until Frida’s follow up and roughly twenty-five days until my new bicycle is delivered.  Maybe the snow will be gone!  Next post will be upbeat.  Even if I have to wait three weeks to write it.

I should go sell a bike.  Take care of yourselves!


4 responses to “Here

  1. I haven’t even visited the baby plants!!! We are so busy! Can’t wait to see you, Frida and our sprouts!

  2. Get well, Frida, soon, and be happy. You are so loved.

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