My time out of the saddle this winter has left me huffing and puffing on a mile ride to Oliver’s for a growler.  I really should pedal that route more frequently in the name of fitness.  Nico from there said by next week they should have not twelve taps but eighteen!  Something about a new serving station, too.  I hope they remember a tip jar.  You are tipping, right?FITS

I’m still glued to Frida.  She had a rough night on Tuesday.  Her anxiety busted through the Xanax.  We only give her 1/2 a tab, but that dose has worked in the past and I’d prefer to not up it if possible.  Glad I remembered the Thunder Shirt.  You know them?  Stretchy shirts that help some dogs get through thunderstorms.  We’ve never tried one but after Tuesday night I pedaled to the pet supply store and Frida could now be a poster child for them.  I got home at 10:30 in the morning and she was still pacing the house (despite not sleeping from 2:30 am on and the Xanax).  I put the shirt on her and she slowly but immediately sank into the bed and slept the entire day away.  Don’t want to jinx it, but it worked again last night.  In any event, they aren’t expensive.  If your pooch ever exhibits signs of anxiety, I’d strongly recommend a try.

Her eyes seem to be getting better, but it is so slow and anything but consistent.  Yesterday we walked a mile and I’m pretty sure she didn’t open her eyes for a step of the walk.  I got some good guide person practice.  Today was so much better.  Tomorrow, who knows.  Still hopeful.

Yesterday I watched on Netflix Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present.  Twice (watched alone and then shared it with Lacey).  Performance art getting its due.    Check it out.



2 responses to “Paying

  1. Oh, beautiful Frida. My love with with you guys. So great about the thunder shirt!

    • Thanks friend! Love non-pharmaceutical fixes! Even if it never worked again, a day long nap for Frida was well worth the price. As it is, she’s enjoyed it many times since. Be well.

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