On the Fly

Frida had a rough weekend.  She was so bad this morning that Lacey and I nearly talked ourselves into helping her leave us.  We’ve done that at least four times in the last year.  Wrenching.  fbl2

From there we found ourselves on the phone with her ophthalmologist’s office asking for an appointment.  Maybe something?  Why not try.  Turns out she is producing more tears.  Her ulcers are healing but not yet gone.  Here is the kicker–one of her contacts was torn.  I used to wear contacts.  You?  Putting a torn one in your eye hurts.  Do that on top of a corneal ulcer and Frida’s behavior over the weekend makes a lot of sense.  So a new contact (and an old one put back in place), two more weeks of the cone and the full complement of meds.  Ouch, but it beats the alternative.fbl1

She seems better now, but they numb her eyes to help with the exam.  We’ll know more once the local wears off.  This afternoon she walked a mile and a half with her eyes mostly open.  Still listing to the left, but I am training her to walk to my left and recognize that a click from my mouth (the sound you make when riding horses) means bring it to the right.  The melting snow banks are right at her eye level.  I’ve got to keep her away.  A week of 4o degree days may do a lot to help.  She’s crashed on the bed now.  Dreaming of running, it seems.  A heck of a day for us all.

Local and ride a 54cm road bike?  Buy this.  A terrific price and a wonderful machine.

Time to make dinner.   Take care.


4 responses to “On the Fly

  1. Sending dear Frida love. I wish you all wellness and peace. You’re doing a great job taking care of her.

    • Thank you so very much. I need peace and encouragement. Patience, too, please! I have a lot but the supply is finite. Seems to recharge over night, though. Provided we get to sleep.

      This has been quite a journey. Our last dog passed in two weeks with catastrophic organ failure. In hindsight it was probably Lyme but we didn’t have an autopsy. The two weeks went fast and Lacey and I were together for the second week all day every day. Frida has been working on leaving for years, then heals, then the next ailment. This issue with her eyes has been really protracted and difficult. That said, I’ve been not more than a room away from her for two months (save for a few trips to the grocery and to escape to play Scrabble with friends). So much snuggling is a huge plus but my world is getting so small. It isn’t healthy. I hope we can sort this issue and have some more easy time with her. She is so very alive and strong otherwise.

      I could go on and on. Should probably dump this into a post, but I’m hesitating to write one until Frida has many days of good healing in a row. Fingers crossed.

      Thanks again. Take care.

  2. I was checking my junk mail for something and found your blog. Now I need to see that I change this. How is Frida getting along today? Such beautiful pictures in your blog. Love you…Mom

    • Thanks for writing, Mom. Hard to say. Lots of anxiety but a Thunder Shirt seemed to help this morning. An entire one mile walk with her eyes closed. While I am happy to be her eyes, this is as bad as she’s ever been on a walk. Maybe it was just too sunny out. Her eyes are supposed to be sensitive to bright light. I dunno. It has been really tough. Nice to know we have your support. Love you, too.

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