Tough morning for the old girl, but healing is not a straight line.  Plenty of good moments lately to buoy our spirits.    ffa

I’m mainlining season two of Mind of a Chef.  I loved season one so much that I needed to wait a year to build hope that episodes without David Chang could measure up.  I’m stupid.  Sean Brock and April Bloomfield are awesome and are blowing my mind.  I want to buy Anson Mills Carolina Gold rice and anything from Jacobsen Salt (Stumptown coffee salt on ice cream sounds ridiculously good).  I also want to go cook.  Early as a vegan, let’s say a dozen years ago, I hacked a creamy kofta by grinding uncooked seitan and forming balls which cooked in a sauce of spices in soy yogurt.  It was so good, but I’ve never made it again.  I just watched Chef Bloomfield make the dish (but with critter bits) and I’m pumped to try again.  I think todays coconut yogurt will work even better.  Can’t wait to give it a try.

The crust for week five ritual pizza is in the fridge.  We’ll have a guest tonight so I hope this pie hits the mark.  I’m almost scared to share my little babies, but it is time to see what a third party thinks.

Take good care, okay?

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