Just look at them!  fbe

Still healing, to be sure, but glimpses of health to come are truly a gift.  Last night was tough.  Not her eyes.  This time her anxiety.  I took her out to the back yard at 7:30,  9:30, 10:30 (pantless) and 11:30 (learned pants aren’t optional) before I recognized that Frida would benefit from half a Xanax.  With it, she needed another hour of care before she decided to walk herself to the basement, cone and all, to sleep alone.  At 5:30 am, I found her snoring away on Lacey’s exercise mat.  An hour of shoveling and then back to her.  So worth it.

These beauties showed up in the mail!  (That’s not my leg–it’s my arm).njb

Nicora Johns boots.  A gift from a friend. A pair showed up a couple of months ago that were too narrow.  Nicora Johns took them back and made a custom pair for me based on tracings from my feet.  This pair fits beautifully.  Custom boots handmade in Los Angeles.  Did I mention they are vegan?  Here’s a card with a little info, along with a picture of the gentleman who made my boots.  Click twice.  njbl

It is getting harder to justify using animals for food and clothing.  Glad I don’t have to make the argument.

I should go.  Take good care of yourself and those near you.


8 responses to “Peepers

  1. Christina Abbott

    I like seeing those sweet eyes open. Also, what a nice pair of boots!

  2. What Christina said. Hooray Frida! And those artisan vegan boots are amazing.

  3. Loves Frida Too

    That’s the best news I’ve heard all week, I think. I’m encouraged to pray more often.

    I’m glad you explained the arm-in-boot. I was almost going to ask if you’d ever considered running away to join the circus. (With feet like that you’d get there in half the time.)

    • You are very kind and funny. Thank you. Be well!

      • Loves Frida Too

        Admittedly, I’m the one wearing the clown shoes here in your nice house, but I’m trying to keep both of ’em a couple inches off the floor.

        I’m feeling a little like Frida off and on these days, so I’m grateful for the well-wishes too, Randy.

      • You deserve to feel swell all the time, but alas… off moments are part of the bargain. I hope they are few and far between.

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