Frida has been doing pretty darn well.  Her eyes aren’t open all of the time, but to catch her in the act makes my heart soar.fwe

My father in law said corneal ulcers are tremendously painful.  We’d heard it before, but to hear him say it woke me up.  Frida has been walking into snowdrifts not because she can’t see but because she is keeping her eyes closed even while walking because they hurt so badly.  fbp

Two days ago she had a great day with open eyes more than not.  A terrific walk, too.  Yesterday was not so good.  She insisted on itching her eyes as we started the walk so I had to bring her home and install her head in the cone.  I offered her a walk later but she politely declined.  Here’s hoping today is better.tns

This morning I made three quarts of spicy Indian soup and added to it a roasted butternut squash.  Might be the best soup I’ve ever improvised.  Dinner tonight is in the bag. p4

Friday’s fourth ritual pizza was terrific.  It hung up on the peel as I put it in the oven.  I’ll use cornmeal instead of flour on the peel.  That should help.

Lacey has been caring for Frida this morning.  I should tap in.

Have a great day.


2 responses to “Guarded

  1. Please be well, Frida, dear angel!

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