Epic Flail

I resisted buying a bicycle for four months.  Then I didn’t resist buying a bicycle.  I wish I could blame it on the growler of Death Wish Coffee IPA that I enjoyed (part of) last night (I did type the purchase offer while under the influence), but I had started the process of caving as I wrote yesterday’s post.  Spending time last night with a car collecting friend helped me feel better about giving in to my deep dark acquisitive side.  After all, it is just a bicycle.  I have room for it.  It won’t require registration, insurance or maintenance that is outside of my skill set.  Blah blah blah.  Better sell a couple of more bicycles this summer!F 02.27.15

Frida is doing pretty darn well.  She learned to drink while coned, which is a huge relief.  Her diminished kidneys need liquid when they need it (not when I remember to take off the cone).  She is still keeping her eyes closed when she is stationary, but today over the course of our mile and a half walk she only face planted into one snow drift.  My fault, really.  I now vigilantly guard against her tendency to list to the left, but when she turned to head up a driveway toward the snowbank I assumed she was going to sniff some pee.  Not.  She crumpled into the drift.  I hope she had her eyes closed.  I’ll be more careful still.

Remember when I asked you to shovel the full width of your sidewalk?  So that wheelchair users and lovers could safely pass?  Now, another reason–I am Frida’s guide person and I can’t do it effectively from behind.  We need to be side by side.  So shovel the full width for Frida and I, because we’re going to be walking on your sidewalk soon.  She’s still got legs!

Yesterday I made vegetable stock and chocolate pudding.  Today I made banana breakfast bars.  Tonight, the fourth weekly pizza.  Time to go snuggle Frida.

Take care.

2 responses to “Epic Flail

  1. What bike did you pick up?! I too purchased a frame online yesterday – an early 80’s Fuji Touring Series III.

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