Frozen, really.  I shouldn’t complain in my heated home, but this winter has been a little much.ffa

Every time the heat cycles on I think of the dry air irritating Frida’s tearless eyes.  We’re doing our best to keep them going, but our friend visited last night and concluded her ulcers are not healing.  Not getting worse, but not getting better.

We remain hopeful.  We started a new immunosuppressant last night to try to restart her tears and our friend will come back on Tuesday to test.  Has it been a month already?  That’d make for roughly 1,200 drops and/or applications of goo into her poor little peepers.  Each time prying open her surprisingly strong velveteen eyelids.  Sometimes I can only pry them open enough to let a drop be pulled in by capillary action.  Willful thing, her, but she is tired of being messed with.

That’s all I have had on my mind.  I haven’t written as frequently because I suspect it isn’t fun to read bad or sad news.  I’m writing today because I need to, so thanks very much for listening.

Take care of yourselves, okay?


6 responses to “Suspended

  1. I’ve been thinking about you, Lacey, and Frida girl. Hold her close and give her furry forehead a kiss from me.

  2. So sorry Randy. Hang in there, I just know she will improve in your loving hands.

  3. Christina Abbott

    I am sorry to hear her ulcers aren’t healing. We are thinking of you all!

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