Short Note

Frida is still not producing tears and we’ve temporarily removed from her regimen the medicine that may help her resume tear production.   That medicine is hard on her corneal ulcers.  The hope is without the tear meds her eyes will heal more quickly at which point we can resume the tear medicine or an alternative tear medicine.  So Lacey and I are solely responsible for keeping her cute brown marbles moist.  Drops are applied at least every hour.    Suspending tear medicine is not usually an option because few folks are with their dogs every moment of every day such that they can’t properly maintain the eyes (which can become irreversibly damaged in as little as a week).  I am so very thankful to be working from home!


We had a nice walk today.  I love her waxy paw prints on the driveway.  The Mushers Secret has done a terrific job of protecting her paws this winter.  Just one paw lift so far.  fpp

It is also nice to see her eyes open so wide.  When she doesn’t need to use them, she as often as not keeps one or both of them closed.  Probably smart, but it breaks our hearts.  fw

I made a quart of red sauce this morning with ancho and costeña chiles.  I understand self respecting Mexican chefs don’t make salsa ahead of time, but I am more than happy to have it in the fridge.  At lunch it added flavor to my quesadilla.  qda

Almost forgot.  Pie number two!  The one with the three day rise in the fridge.   Amazing!  The sauce, just three ounces of tomato paste, three ounces of water and some dried herbs with no cooking was also just the ticket.  Pizza!  p2

Still not bicycling, but I thought about it today.  The idea was to pump up my tires and pedal to the store for a growler of beer.  The reality is I have plenty of beer on hand and I am happier to stay near Frida.  I pedaled to the beer store!  A very short ride but when you haven’t been out for week after weeks, well, it felt swell.  Starting tomorrow we get some really frigid air that will stay with us for a week or more.  What a winter!

Hope you are well.  If I don’t write before Valentine’s Day, I hope yours is lovely.


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