Oh Dear

A real winter, yes.  I continue to crush the neighborhood shoveling competition, but the joy has gone out of it.  I continue to do it because it is pretty nice to get outside and, more importantly, it is the right thing to do.  Let me get the following off my chest.  Folks–please clear the full width of your walks.  Don’t clear only a shovel’s width path.  Codes require a minimum width of sidewalk for a reason and those reasons don’t blow away with the winter’s winds.  Remember wheelchairs?  That I don’t see wheelchairs on my street isn’t relevant.  Wheelchair users have a right to go everywhere, whenever.  Even if they don’t live on my street, they should be able to come visit.  Or maybe it is a chicken and egg thing.  People who find themselves in wheelchairs have to leave the neighborhood, even the city, because no one thinks of them.  Not feeling it?  How about preserving the ability of your neighbors to walk side by side, even hand in hand?  Single width shovel jobs require walking one after the other.  That isn’t right.  Not here.  Not anywhere.  Viva la romance!


Frida has some serious eye problems.  I probably wrote about it already but I am too lazy to check.  Corneal ulcers in both eyes.  We’ve been messing with it for about three weeks and have recently discovered the cause.  She isn’t producing tears.  All cried out!  She is on meds now to try to jump start tear production.  With those meds, I am placing something in both of her eyes about every waking hour and she is getting checked weekly by our vet.  She is at times very uncomfortable, blinking, winking, holding her eyes closed.  She also hates us messing with her eyes.  I am seriously concerned she will begin to run at the sight of us.  It has been very trying for all of us.  We’re hopeful that by addressing the cause of the ulcers we can stop the progression and start the healing.  Please think good thoughts for our little winky.



Tonight we’ll enjoy our second Friday night homemade pizza night.  The first week’s pie was great, even though I sized it beyond my ability to get it off the peel and onto the stone.  I had to quickly fold one side of the crust onto itself.  I like the folded rustic look.  Almost looks intentional.pnw

I’ve done a bit more reading about crusts and learned that a cold rise in the fridge can be beneficial, so I made the dough for tonight’s pie on Tuesday.  It has doubled in the fridge.  I also read about making proper pizza sauce.  Until now, I’ve used red sauce from a jar and always noticed it was a bit too runny.  The recipe I hope will fix that mixes six ounces of tomato paste with six ounces of water and a bunch of herbs.  That rests for thirty minutes–no cooking required.  Easy!  I love Little Anthony’s and doubt our pies will never equal theirs, but it is fun to have something different.

Oh winter!  I wish I pushed myself to get out on cross country skis or even a little downhill, but wishes haven’t made it so.  I won’t be too hard on myself.  It is tough to leave Frida when I know her cute little brown eyes will dry up without hourly tears from a bottle.  Come on tear ducts!  You can do it!

Be well.


5 responses to “Oh Dear

  1. Thinking of Frida and hopes she heals soon!

  2. All the best to Frida! Hope she heals up soon!

    I have a habit of shovelling my block to the walkway every time it snows, because I like shovelling and I’m used to a colder climate so it feels kind of like home – last week, as I was shovelling someone made sure to let me know that I was just wasting my time. It was weird, and I felt oddly gutted for some reason.

    I guess I think of the folks with walkers – they have some more mobility, but the snow piles are just high enough or precarious or awkward enough that they end up just skipping going outside entirely. Makes me sad to know people are stuck inside because of something that could be easily remidied.

    Good on you for shovelling your area. You’ve inspired me to get back out there tomorrow.

  3. Christina Abbott

    Hi Randy – I hope Frida feels better soon. Poor sweet pea! Your pizza looks lovely as does your wine decanter.

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