Still Quiet

The storm didn’t deliver and for that I am thankful.  nsI shoveled one-quarter of an inch last night (first place), one half-inch this morning (first place) and it looks like there are three inches or so on the ground now.  Still coming down and it is supposed to continue through the evening.  All in I don’t expect we’ll get as much as half a foot of very light snow.  Maybe I didn’t need the extra rich macaroni and cheese last

It was terrific, though.  Thanks to Julie Hasson and her Vegan Casseroles cookbook.fof

Frida’s left eye healed.  While confirming that, our vet and friend found a small ulcer on her right eye.  Another week of ointment, then, but on the other side.  Also lubricating eye drops as often as she seems itchy.  Holding my breath for an ailment free stretch.  She deserves it.  Pictures above and below by Lacey.fis

I dragged myself onto the rollers.  My exercise has been terribly sporadic but it is better than zero.  If just.  Are you doing better?  Worse?

Have you been following Ms. Chau’s trip aboard the container vessel?  Her third post was particularly engaging.

Hope you are weathering the storm.


2 responses to “Still Quiet

  1. Sorry I hijacked your office, but Frida is such a cute assistant!!

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