Then There’s This

I sorta like this.

The GABA brown rice from my cooker isn’t easy to distinguish from regular brown rice.  Maybe softer.  Maybe some evidence of sprouting (a tiny white tail on some grains).  The GABA brown took about three point five hours to make. The regular brown about an hour ten.  Not sure I’ll be GABAing it up much in the future.  Let this be a lesson for you as you hunt for cookers.  The GABA setting seems to be reserved for the higher priced models.  You might do well to step down a level or two.

Frida ate a chicken bone near the beginning of our walk today.  I couldn’t wrench it free and she ate it extra quickly since I was trying to take it.  Hope it doesn’t pierce her intestine.  A few blocks later she ate a piece of kibble from a house where I’ve seen once before a small pile of kibble outside their fence, near the sidewalk.  My mind goes straight to “these people are sick of dog poop on their grass and have left poisoned kibble to strike back.”  Surely not the case, but I can’t unthink it.  For the last three quarters of a mile Frida was kept on a short leash.  She lives for slow ambling and sniffing but she got none.  I felt terrible, but once she’s in the foraging zone, she’s unstoppable.  Lightning fast.  Ah well.  She’s sleeping it off (with her eyes partially open).  FAS

Like flipping through old vinyl?  Maybe check out the Music Lust show this Sunday, January 25th, at the Ramada Inn, 3 Watervliet Ave. Extension (off Everett Road), in Albany.  Near the co-op.  Three bucks gets you in.   Thanks to my hifi guru and avid vinyl collector for the tip.

Don’t have a hifi?  Don’t know which to buy?  Buy them all at once.  Here.

No mas.  Adios.


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