I’m really leaning into this winter thing.  I went outside to walk Frida, but otherwise not.  I thought about biking but I didn’t.  So far so good, but yikes. bb

A friend came over last night and brought two excellent beers.  That’s them above.  Highly rated and most deserving.  This dude knows his beer.

I ordered a rice cooker.  One of those things that I’ve been considering for years.  We got two basic models when we got married.  We gave away one and one gave up a decade ago.  The pressure cooker has been fine and a lidded pot does it too, but I’ve heard tales of the wonderful results when computers, induction and pressure are called to duty.  We’ll see.  I whipped up a batch of furikake to dress the rad rice that will start appearing in our kitchen this

I cut up the toasted nori with my Kuchenprofi herb shears.  Remember those?  Three scissors in one, all lined up.  Cool tool.  cc

Also just pulled from the oven a batch of coconut cookies.  They look right, no?  The batter was delicious.  I’ll know tonight.

Frida keeps coming in to say hi.  Guess she needs me more than you do, so I’ll go.  Take care, ok?

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