Meaning, I guess, a framework to expand the fullness of the back of a woman’s dress… because I am not moving quickly.  Last night’s enjoyment of Stone’s Stochasticity Project Master of Disguise, an American strong ale, is preventing that.

I hosted the men’s Scrabble group last night.  I enjoyed meeting a new participant who thanked me for buying his shades.  He looked familiar.  Was he the salesman who measured them for order and then installed them?  Nope.  He invented multi-celled fabric blinds.   If I am not mistaken he still holds the patents.  He also started the company which manufactured the ones in our home.  He has since sold that company and now designs cooling systems for superconductors.   I am in over my head.

Woke up to snow.  I prefer mine undisturbed, but I am more than pleased to have Frida leave her prints.pp

Yesterday, before the new snowfall, this little critter formed in our yard.  I see a friendly ghost being chased by a lamb.  Hard to make out, but the whole of it is supported by a single wispy tail.   How does that happen?sc

Today’s lunch was nice.  Sautéed seitan, onions and mushrooms and melted cheese to make a nice hot grinder.gr

If they say so…pop

Frida’s prints aren’t enough.  So here.  fdI’ve used up more of your time than I should.  Bye!


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