It Is Official

There are more places to get vegan food than we have energy to visit.  Delighted that we made the effort to get to The Brakes Coffeehouse and Provisions.  Learned about the place from Keep Albany Boring (they are always taking care of us).

The place is bright and right sized.  The best part of the space is the second story picture window overlooking Lark Street with a view straight down Chestnut.  A long couch faces the wall of glass.   It seems perfect for passing the time on a cold winter day.  No photo of that since the area was populated with customers, but you can see the photo at the Keep Albany Boring link above.  t

Everyone working there was very sweet.  We were asked if we’d been in before.   Since we hadn’t we were given some background.  Making a connection with the customers, you know.  The right way to be.

I had the artisan griller (grilled cheese).  It was a delight.  I expected Daiya on bread but it was made with homemade cheesy spread that was delicious.  Nice bread, too.  Attention had also been paid to the slaw.  Purple cabbage.  Jalapeños.  Nicely dressed.  I wish there had been more of it.

Lacey had the breakfast sandwich listed on a specials board to our left.   It was also terrific.  Cheesy tofu scramble with All Vegetarian, Inc. vegan bacon on ciabatta.   Side of nicely prepared home fries.

There are ten other things on the menu I want to try.  They also have a cooler with things to buy for carry away.  I was most tempted by the packages of vegan bacon they were offering.  Same as the bacon on Lacey’s sandwich–really delicious stuff.   la

The pictures in this post are Lacey’s.  I was too busy Yelping about the meal to take pictures.  We make a good team.  I am wearing a wool cycling cap that I bought second hand at a bike swap in Washington Park.  I haven’t worn it many times (when I bike I almost always wear a helmet), but I put it on to broadcast that I am sympathetic to The Brakes Project’s cause (stop global warming).  I know wearing a cycling cap, especially a wool one, doesn’t help global warming, but it bothered me that we drove to the cafe (my delicate ego).  Lacey had suggested the bus but I wasn’t up for it.  Next time I’ll pedal and don a cotton cap.  Customers who bike or take public transit get 10% off.   I won’t tell them I pedaled (I want them to get max revenue), but I will feel less like a tool.

Please get there soon and often.  I am as sure they will appreciate your business as I am that you will be happy to have gone.

Take care of yourselves.

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  1. What a wonderful weekend we had together!!!

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