Little Sparrows

I just made one third of a batch of spaetzle from here.  I used my new Kuchenprofi spaetzle press.  Silly easy and delicious. s

To 1/2 C all purpose flour, 1/3 C  chickpea flour, salt and pepper, I added 1/2 C of soy milk.  It rested 30 minutes and then was extruded into boiling water.  I rescued the little sparrows with a slotted spoon as soon as they floated, which was almost immediate.  I ended up with a pint.  Seems like the right amount to serve two.  I’ll mix the noodles with olive oil, salt and red pepper.  With a seitan sausage and some sauerkraut, we will have a nice meal.

Saturday a friend took me to the Beer Belly.  I had a 10 oz Jack’s Abby something or other and a 10 oz Founder’s Breakfast Stout.  Both were delicious, but I’ve come to expect great beer around town.  What I didn’t expect was a locally made vegan hotdog topped with tart and sweet kale relish.  I felt cared for.  Without the dog I would have stopped at one beer.  I wasn’t driving, but it’s still nice to eat something between beers.  So they sold me two beers and an entree.  I wish the Pour House would step up.  Same owner.  What’s stopping the progress?

Sunday night we had a vegan friend over to sample beautiful cashew cheeses from Miyoko’s Creamery.  Friends had sent us a gift of six wheels.  I won’t bother with pictures since the maker’s site does a beautiful job.  These are the best I’ve had.  I was wondering why they sent so many until I tried them.  They are really distinct, one from the other.  Very different textures and flavors and all expertly executed.  I look forward to them showing up at the Co-op.  Treeline will take very good care of us until then.  After then as well, actually.  Good to mix it up.

Our cheese sampling friend gave us a hot tip in return.  We need to head to the Iron Gate Cafe for breakfast or brunch.  They’re making their own seitan and offering it a couple of different ways as well as offering a tofu scramble.  Vegan breakfast out is a rare treat.  The Iron Gate, along with the periodic Rock N Roll Brunch at the Low Beat, are there for me.  All I have to do is show up.  Albany is really coming along.

So much good food.  So few physically demanding chores.  Time to go pedal on the rollers.  Lacey pushed me out the door on Sunday to ride.  I went to the neighbors to let their dog out (they were day tripping), then pedaled downtown and home.  I tried to go fast, but I wasn’t and it was hard.  Still felt great to be outside.  Two close passes didn’t even upset me.  I’d get out there now but it is raining.  Rollers will be safer and warmer.

That’s enough.  Take care of yourself and the ones you love.  Which I kinda hope is everyone and everything.  Whatever you can muster.

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