New Friend

Why hasn’t anyone tipped me off to the wonderfulness that is Kuchenprofi?  I ran into them while looking for a nice funnel and lost control.  Five things came to my door this afternoon, each more delightful than the prior.






Two above–herb scissors.  Just above–spaetzel press/potato ricer.  I had hoped to use the press to extrude raw cashews but it is too big and the holes are too small and too far between.  Got just a few crumbs and plenty of mess.  So it will serve its intended purpose only.  I will continue to extrude small batches of cashews in my garlic press.  Raw unsoaked cashews come out like hair from a PLay-Doh barbershop.  Here are cashews extruded in a garlic press mixed with nutritional yeast, mango powder and salt in an effort to approximate parmesan. cp

Just after I ad-libbed the above recipe (which pleases my palette), I looked up a recipe in Chloe’s Italian.  She grinds almonds in a food processor and adds nutritional yeast, salt and maple syrup.  So something sweet instead of something tangy.  I then added a bit of maple syrup to mine.  Maybe better.  I’d also add the amchur, though.

Happy Friday!


2 responses to “New Friend

  1. What wonderful items! You are my favorite cook!

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