Say Now

What though?  I’ve been on the rollers and doing the burpees twice in two weeks. Not enough but now I know I can.  Maybe more soon.  I feel good.  Baby steps.

I won a raffle at Oliver’s!  I remember signing up but didn’t understand what I was entering.  There was a raffle sign and a list of dozens of bottles of fancy sounding beers.  Would I win all of them?  That’d be crazy!  Today I received a call during which I was told three beers remained out of the pool of rare offerings.  One was Cantillon Bruocsella 1900 Grand Cru (an unblended lambic), one was a barley wine and the last was a Goose Island Bourbon County stout.  Had I won all three?  It wasn’t clear and I wasn’t asking the right questions.  Maybe I was being asked to pick two.  I fumbled around and finally asked them to pick for me.  The caller asked if I wanted the Grand Cru and the barley wine.  I said sure, then the caller said I could also pick the Bourbon County stout.  Wha?  I thought I had won the beer and I didn’t want to take too much, so I left it at the two.

After the call I got on the net and learned I had won the right to buy beer.  This in an effort to allocate rare offerings amongst deserving customers without turning every shipment into a mad dash to Oliver’s.  They tweet and post to Facebook when cool stuff comes in and people with day jobs miss out.  I have’t caught the rare beer bug.  Maybe I shouldn’t have entered the raffle.  Might have meant more to someone else.  Oh well.

I headed over to Oliver’s to get the skinny.  My name was on only the Grand Cru and I was told I could buy only that one.  Cantillon makes the only true unblended lambic in the world.  Rare, but the reviews!  Seems to be something of an acquired taste.  Reviewers comment on the lack of carbonation and the tart vinegar taste.  The Cantillon site says the bottle can be kept for years and the flavor changes over  time.  Do I need to wait a year or more?  This might be too fancy for me.  Why didn’t I pick the barley wine or the Bourbon County stout?  Get back to center–I won and I am thankful!  The Cantillon may surprise me.  We’ll see (a year from now?).Frida Yawning Frida is still chugging.  We had blood drawn when she was getting vaccinations and her kidney values are holding steady.  Based on the original diagnosis she should be, um, dead or very near death just now.  Not at all dead, as it turns out.  Yesterday she was spinning circles of joy before our walk.  This is very good.

I went to a hifi listening party at Tempo Electric.  What an eye opener!  I’ve never heard a more beautiful reproduction of sound.  Joe had built most of the system. His turntable spun on a pneumatic bearing and the tonearm also floated on air.  There were separate pumps producing the air in two adjacent rooms!  The speakers were open.  Vintage 15″ Tannoy’s on sheets of wood(?) with hinged wings on each side to hold them up and presumably do something to the sound.  The Tannoy drivers have a tweeter in the center.  Tannoy calls this a dual concentric driver.  You can buy something like this today on eBay (from Martin Hannett’s own collection!).  A separate subwoofer added a bit more bass, but it wasn’t turned up much.  Half way through the session one of the guys hooked up a ground box from Entreq.  A tweak that is supposed to clean up the sound.  Everyone wanted to dismiss it as hooey, but within minutes they were all convinced it made a huge difference.  I didn’t detect the change until they pulled it from the system after an hour and a half of listening.  The change was immediately apparent.  When it was again put back, things immediately woke up again.  Came alive.  So strange.  Very interesting stuff.  Great folks, too.  All welcomed me into their twenty year friendship like I’d been there all along.  Might not have hurt that I brought 32 ounces of The White Hag’s Black Boar, from Ballymote, Ireland.  An Imperial oatmeal stout clocking in at 10.2% ABV.  Delicious!  Get to Oliver’s and give it a try before it is gone.  All in I listened for four hours.  Felt like one.  An amazing day.

Hanukkah starts tonight, so latkes, it is.  Forgot to buy applesauce so I will whizz up some whole apples.  What else?  I have until eight to figure that out.  Enjoy the holiday, okay?


4 responses to “Say Now

  1. Thank you for the great news and beautiful photo of Frida! One of my cats has CRF and I give her subcutaneous fluids every other day. I want her and Frida to live to a supernaturally old age. They are both gentle sages.

    Home cooked applesauce is the best! Your latkes will be wonderful.


    • Thank you for writing! I’m sorry to hear about your cat’s kidney. You are brave to inject the fluids. The process was described to me at the front end of Frida’s illness and it gave me the big time willies. But of course you do it as would I. Keep up the loving kindness and we’ll hope for long happy lives. Take care of yourself too.

  2. I am jealous about latkes, but happy about Frida and the no to fracking. Hope to see you and Lacey again soon!

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