On Wednesday, Shenendehowa Central Schools adopted a new policy on use of bathrooms and locker room facilities.  You can read it here.  On Thursday, two drive time DJs commented on the policy and upset a number of people.  Later that day, Lacey’s employer got a call asking for a counsellor to speak on the show today.  Lacey’s employer asked her to do the spot, she said yes, and this morning from 7:37 a.m. to 7:54 a.m. she made me very proud. I was so nervous for Lacey!  Stepping into a local storm and all.  And it wasn’t like she was being interviewed by Terry Gross.  Don’t get me wrong.  Lacey said the two DJs were very nice and I agree they were very nice during her segment.  But I’ve listened to less than an hour of their work (leading up to and including Lacey’s segment).  I am a huge fan of Lights, Camera, Jackson (a local film reviewer that appeared on the show by telephone before Lacey went on), but I wasn’t comfortable listening to the DJs playing segments of an artist’s new song and more or less mocking her vocal stylings.   DJs making fun of musicians on the radio?  That’s like an admitting nurse cracking jokes about physician incompetence in front of a waiting room filled with patients.  Maybe the DJs see themselves in the light of South Park–they spare no one so it is all ok–but you kind of have to earn that, right?  Maybe they have.  Still.  I was more nervous than before I listened. Then Lacey sits in front of the mic and her sage and calming words fly to me through the air.  I should transcript the segment, but I won’t.  So these aren’t quotes.  I’m just going from memory.  Lacey said Shenendehowa’s policy was a positive move.  There are young people in the schools with serious needs that weren’t being met.  All individuals need to be treated with respect, consideration and dignity.  When asked what nervous parents should do, Lacey said change is hard, talk to your kid, talk to counsellors at school, go online and learn.  Education can eliminate fear and allow us to move on. Big exhale when the show ended.  Lacey called and I choked up.  The same way I choke up when people finish marathons.  People succeeding gets me.  I can’t speak in public.  Last time I tried was in law school.  I had to present a paper to a class of less than ten people and it was an out of body experience.  I read the thirty minute paper in ten minutes, very nearly like an auctioneer, and then stopped abruptly.  The professor asked for questions, there were none, and class was dismissed.  Should I try to overcome my fear?  I have done well enough avoiding the ugly task and may just leave that flaw in place to my grave.  So I felt it when Lacey was nervous.  Now I am only proud.  So proud.LNF Do you know what all the letters in LGBTIQ stand for?  If not, maybe start there.  Then surf on.  Then go outside and be nice to people. You want another public speaking win?  Go here.  I am glad I did.

Other policy matters?  Oliver’s doesn’t have a policy on tipping the good folks who fill your growlers.  As in tips are not prohibited.  Yet the person I asked said he has never been tipped.  Consider being the second person to tip your Oliver’s growler filler this holiday season.  I doubt their wage is set with a presumption of receiving tips so maybe you don’t tip every time, but a little extra kindness during the holidays is always appreciated. Bye!


2 responses to “Proud

  1. I loved how calm and hypnotic her voice was on the radio!

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