Gold, Silver and Bronze

It snowed and I shoveled. Four times yesterday and just now. The first three yesterday were the first three snow clearings on our block. Feels good to start the competitive snow clearing season with a healthy lead.


First again this morning, but a five am start is an unfair advantage amongst this set.

Spreading it out over five sessions made it manageable. Although not a lot in volume, it was wet. A real taint ripper. The moisture came from the tropics. I could almost smell the palm tree and gentle waves. Not.

Waxing the snow shovel made a huge difference. Until I cleared the end of the drive and the road salt erased the benefits in an instant. I should have switched shovels. Maybe I should hire a caddy?

Happy Thanksgiving to you. I’ll say a prayer for your entrée.


4 responses to “Gold, Silver and Bronze

  1. “A real taint ripper”….awesome line, I’m stealing it.

  2. I will totally steal taint ripper! Hilarious! Hope you had a terrific thanksgiving!


    Steve Lomnes 215.219.2466

    From mobile device. Please excuse typos, unintended autocorrects, and Siri miss-translations.


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