Oh Person

I go for long stretches listening only to music I own.  Then I remember… radio!  If I have my wits about me, when I think of radio I think of Laura Glazer.  I checked in today and found this gem.

I have to remember to tune in to WEXT on Sundays at 8.  AM or PM.  One less thing to remember.

Frida is absolutely killing it.  Sleeping, chilling, eating, guarding and walking.  The whole  package.  Hard not to be over delighted.  Here’s one from the archives (more than a decade ago).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Not sure how we got comfortable letting her off leash with her ridiculously fast running sticks.  But we did and she always came back.

In the mood for a bummer?  Here you go!




2 responses to “Oh Person

  1. re: Bummer: I don’t know what to think about the meaning of the loss of ANT/Mike Flanagan’s sublime individual work in the ongoing bike world…. did he sufficiently define a new genre now taken up by more mainstream builders/marketers, such that the market is saturated by less-expensive options, and Mike’s individual approach is no longer “needed” (I’d debate that last point….fine-ness is always needed)? Or was there never a large market to start with, the dedicated transport bicycle remains a tool for fringe elements in the USA, and ANT was a victim of this mentality, i.e. as one commentator noted, the world isn’t ready? The answer says something about us. The best machines combine art, utility, and quality of conception and realization, and his bikes were right in that sweet spot.

    • Hey! Thanks for writing. I’m not sure why we didn’t keep Mike busy, but both of your guesses were probably at play. I know of five ANTs in Albany. Given time I would have added a few more to my stable and even taken Mike’s building class, but Mike couldn’t wait for me and the rest of us to call. We should keep ANT’s story in mind when we find things we love. Open your wallet early and often or the thing you love may go away. I am glad Mike isn’t going away. I’ll bet he’ll have a great time at Seven. I’ve worked from home for nine years now. I haven’t totally lost my mind but I expect I’d be a happier person if I went to an office on a regular basis. Even though it can be hard at times, we’ve got to keep ourselves well socialized.

      Thanks again for writing. Be well.

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