Very Metal

Yesterday I very much enjoyed the Vegan Black Metal Chef’s cooking demo at Albany Veg Fest.  I had a front row center seat for all the action, of which there was plenty.  vbmc5He made three dishes in an hour.  First up was aloo palak (Indian potatoes and spinach).  This involved sautéing onions, adding spinach, tomatoes, the precooked potatoes and a packet of spice from the Indian grocery.  After it cooked down, it all went into the blender, then back into the pan to warm and it was done.   You can watch it here.

vbmc4It was better than any Indian spinach dish I’ve made.  Next up was a dish with veggies, seitan and soba noodles.  That one I didn’t get to try, but it looked great. vbmc3

Finally, he made buffalo seitan bites with ranch dressing and celery sticks.  This one was amazing in its simplicity, speed and the awesome end result.  I’ll fire this one up soon.vbmc1

Seitan was browned in a pan and then Franks Red Hot and Earth Balance margarine were added.  The ranch was blue cap Vegaise mayo, dill, parsley, white vinegar and a couple of other things I’ve forgotten.  The celery was chopped into sticks all at once from the full bunch using his sacrificial blade.  Hail seitan!


It was so very epic, and he was really sweet to boot.  And very metal.

Also metal?  Frida has slept four nights now, the last two without any meds.  The meds are fast acting so we’ll have them at the ready should she become uncomfortable.  It.  Is.  So.  Swell.fil

Not metal?  The rake I bought on October 30 lost three tines when coming into contact with a tree stump.  It was plastic, it was cold out and trees are hard, but what is not foreseeable about the two meeting in these conditions.  Lowe’s took it back without blinking and I bought another style.  We’ll see.  Single use tools are so not metal.  Shame on you True Temper.

I brought in my five metal (two steel and three alu) snow shovels so I can wax them all tonight.  Supposed to snow Monday.  Have you waxed your shovels?

Take care friends!



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