Near Term Win

Frida’s magic relaxing pill allowed her to sleep through the night.  We are all pleased as punch.  Thanks so much to our friend and vet.  She is magic and not a pill.  Here’s hoping the pills keep working.  We all need to string together a number of good nights of sleep.aal

Also enjoyed a visit from the printer repair guy.  My printer was picking up an extra page at the end of each job and causing jams.  The internet told me a pad had deteriorated on the paper pick up solenoid.  The sticky residue where the pad used to be was preventing the solenoid from operating correctly.  I opened the printer, determined to make the fix, and then realized I had no idea what a solenoid looked like.  Nothing obvious in the tangle of wires, boards and mechanisms, so I hit the internet again looking for a repair shop.  I found The Printer Repair Guy.  He doesn’t have a shop so he comes to your place.  I called him this morning, he was here in the afternoon, and the repair was quick and affordable.  Nice guy, too.  Do not add your printer to the landfill.  Call The Printer Repair Guy!

That’s that.  Be well.


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