The Good Fight

Still trying to sort Frida’s nocturnal anxiety.  None of melatonin, rescue remedy nor Benadryl did the trick.  We’re bringing in big pharma tonight and we’ll see.  In the meantime, Frida is still having wonderful days.  Like her mother, she enjoys a few fries.  After three or so, she turns away.  If only I were so smart.fwf

When I am not exploring with her, she’s sleeping beautifully.  Part of me wants to keep her up, but she’s old and sick.  Before the anxiety arose, she’d sleep most of the day and night.  So I have to let her sleep some during the day or she’ll get none.fsd

It looks like freezing overnight temps are coming tonight and to stay so I pedaled to the garden and pulled out the daikons.  Puny little things.  The lot of them may not weigh the same as one daikon grown to proper size.  Oh well.mod

Nice kale came home, too.  Kale never lets me down.mok

Gosh I hope we get to sleep through the night tonight.  I have the same hope for you!

4 responses to “The Good Fight

  1. It’s a long shot but you could try a DAP diffuser near her bed.

  2. Sorry to hear about the anxiety poor Frida is experiencing. I’ll be thinking calm, sleepy thoughts for her tonight.

    Her fry face is so precious.

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