Variable Cloudiness

Frida’s been having serious anxiety issues at night.  She sleeps during the day but not so much at night.  Melatonin is helping, and we’re going to try a couple of other approaches, but last night she slept until 1:00 am and not thereafter.  It hasn’t been easy on anyone.po

Frida still loves walking, though.  She usually picks the first half and then I steer her toward home.  Today I let her pick the whole of the route and we went on a real walkabout.  dd

Her pace was good, but she stops frequently to

All in we walked three miles.  Not a lot for her back in the day, but double her typical walk of late.  sh

Have you noticed how much I love this girl?

Take care of yourselves and your charges.



4 responses to “Variable Cloudiness

  1. daisy has not had a epsiod since sat morning as dogs get older more problems surface but it is a big worry to us until she gets real bad I would not let her suffer .

  2. Poor Frida. Why do we love our dogs so much?

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