Afternoon!  Hope you got everything you wanted at the polls.

I made a batch of the Minimalist Baker’s eggplant queso dip.  The same one I wrote about a couple of days ago and wondered to you whether MB had futz with the color in the pictures.  I shouldn’t have wondered so fast.  To the naked eye, my dip was the same color as my friend’s batch–kind of eggplanty.  In the pictures, though, well here they are.qdb


Same batch.  Same light.  Same iPhone without changing settings.  The top one is pretty close to what I saw.  The bottom one must involve some math inside the phone.  Very strange.  The MB photos still show a more cheesy looking dip, but my second photo doesn’t look too bad.  If only it looked that good in person.

Bye for now.


2 responses to “Ahem

  1. Christina Abbott

    How was the flavor this time Randy?

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