Couldn’t be Smaller

faohFrida has had a couple of rough nights.  She is fine all day and then what looks like anxiety keeps her up at night.  She wants to go outside and sleep in the bushes.  If I were five percent more slack and we didn’t have regular visits from skunks, I’d consider it.  As it is, I want her inside.  She begs to go out and I let her in case she has to do something.  She doesn’t, then crawls into a bush.  I have to go outside with a flashlight to find her and carry her inside.  Twice last night until she finally went to sleep shortly after 3:30 am.  This has happened before and it usually passes after a night to two.   Here’s hoping tonight is a good night.fnb

We did have a lovely walk this morning.  A perfect fall day.  Upon coming home, though, I found a small bird on its back outside our door.  It was panting but not otherwise working to right itself.  It surely hit the glass.  I went to get a shovel for reasons I won’t share, but when I placed it under the poor dear to move it, it popped onto its feet.  I left the shovel there hoping it would crawl on so I could move it to the garden for a safe place to get its bearings.  Hop it did and rode the shovel to the garden, then hopped off and finally through the fence out of view.  Maybe it will shake it off.  Here’s hoping.

Time to go vote.  Take care.


4 responses to “Couldn’t be Smaller

  1. lana give daisy some thing to calm her down at night

  2. I worked with a holistic vet for 10 years. First thing I’d try would be Bach Rescue Remedy which is good for anxiety, fear, trauma….

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