Slowly Forward

I pedaled to the garden today and I swear the wind was against me both ways.  Possible, but more likely I’m feeling the effects of my reduced time atop the pedals.  I lose conditioning faster every year.  Better dust off the rollers!dr

I covered the daikon radish last night in preparation for a frost that didn’t happen.  Looks like they’ll get another week to make something of themselves.  I culled four more of the tiniest specimen to prevent crowding, though, and ate one (delicious).  The fragrance as I washed them made the trip worthwhile.  Also brought home some Italian kale and turned it into a massaged kale salad.mks

I may be the last one on earth to pick this up, but  for the sake of words to type I’ll share the technique.  You massage the kale… for a minute or two with a dressing rather than cook it.  Quite nice.  For dressing I added four tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of umeboshi vinegar (acidic and salty), a clove of garlic, some grated ginger and toasted sesame seeds.  Yum.  Something I will now be doing for the rest of my life.rah

Yesterday my father in law took Lacey and I and our nephew to an Albany Devils hockey game.  The Devils suffered an upset loss in overtime to the Portland Pirates.  No matter–it was a terrific outing.  For Lacey and I.  For my nephew the loss was unacceptable.  Still, both teams played like the dickens, the audience was pumped, the checks into the glass were thrilling, my glass of Ommegang Rare Vos wowed, the venue was convenient and right sized and parking was easy.  My father sprang for rink side seats which, at $27 a pop, seem like a very good deal these days.  That he was able to get rink side seats at the last minute was also very cool.  Not so cool for the people trying to turn a buck on the venture (empty seats visible in picture above are not representative of the final turn out–we were nearly the first ones there as my nephew wanted to watch warm ups), but great for the fans.  I’d strongly recommend you check it out.

And this from Urban Velo:



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