Not Spooky

bihToday the garden gave up a fist full of beats and some curly kale.  ccI also put some water on the still tiny daikon radishes, hoping they’ll get some size before the weather turns.  drNice to be out pedaling in the warmish weather,mvThe last of the hot peppers given to me by a friend have been pickled in a central Mexican style under the direction of Rick Bayless.  They are supposed to rest for a day but they are already delicious.  I have a bag of curry leaves that aren’t getting any fresher so I added five to the recipe.  Should be nice if their flavor can fight through the peppers. ppI stopped by Lou-Bea’s Pizza on Colvin Avenue to ask if they’d consider topping pizzas with Diaya cheese upon request.  They seemed interested.  I asked them to give me a call if they get the cheese.  I’ll report back.  I’m still a huge fan of Little Anthony’s (their latest menu has a vegan Texas grinder that I’m excited to try), but a little friendly vegan pie competition could bring both joints up a notch.  foptThat’s the whole of it.  Take care and have a nice Halloween.


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