A Little More

Three cheers for Phillips Hardware.  Family owned and operated since 1886, it is a local treasure (with seven locations).  Although I haven’t done an exhaustive search, they might be the last folks in town to be selling steel snow shovels.  Made in the USA no less.   Same place I got my steel pusher last year.  Another one sitting there if you think you can handle it. sss

I even got a free tip with the purchase–wax the shovel with auto wax prior to use to help wet snow slide off and to inhibit rust.  Dang!  See if you get that kind of service when you buy a plastic shovel at a big box store.  Aren’t into durable tools?  How about indy soda?  cw

They have nearly two dozen offerings.  I brought home a bottle of cherry flavored Cheerwine from North Carolina.  Exciting!  Phillips on Central even has creeky wooden floors.  Hard to beat that for ambiance.  Quite a hardware store.  Go!

Frida had a little health scare that has thankfully passed.  She had a small tumor on her behind.  Smaller than a pea, but we found it after seeing a drop of blood on the floor.  More blood on her behind.  Scary.  Our friend and Frida’s vet saw her the next day.  She gave it a squeeze and a small mass popped out and landed on the floor.  How’s that for a ghoulish Halloween horror?  The cells looked troubling under a microscope so they were sent away for testing.  A benign perianal adenoma.  Que?  A benign local tumor that can be cured by complete removal.  From the way the tissue sample looked it is possible all of it came off during the exam. We have to watch the area for regrowth, but hopefully all of the abnormal cells are gone.  Fingers crossed and eyes on her hinder.  


That’s enough of that.  Be well.


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