Lacey and I had a nice trip to Provincetown.  We stayed in a studio apartment above the Canteen restaurant.  Frida enjoyed keeping an eye on Commercial Street.  odI enjoyed the spicy chickpeas and Cape Cod beer on tap at the Canteen (and the fried mushrooms and chips were equally well done).  scpI surprised Lacey with a wedding vow renewal ceremony on the bay, just behind our rental.  Reverend Porter wrote and performed a beautiful ceremony.  rwvLacey had the most beautiful smile all through it and I was weepy.  Frida?  She sat quietly at our feet.pcWe left our bikes at home and were glad for it since it rained on and off the first three days we were there.  We bummed around town between showers.  Nice and relaxing.  Luckily Saturday was a stunner and we made our way to the beach.obI didn’t know what to expect from Provincetown in the fall.  The weather wasn’t perfect, but it was wonderful nonetheless.  Fewer people, but enough to be festive.  No swimming, but walking along the bay and the beach is pretty nice in and of itself.  We give it four thumbs and two due claws up.

Always nice to be back.  Today I pedaled to the bank, the garden (the daikon radish may turn into something yet), the coop and then Tierra Roasters.  The marque outside the Madison theater said they have beer on tap in the coffee shop.  Inside I found three taps–two with beers from Chatham Brewing and one with cider from Nine Pin.  They will fill growlers, too, but they haven’t arrived at a price yet.  Crunch the numbers, folks, as my growlers aren’t going to sit empty forever.

Nothing else to report.  I hope you have been well.



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