I chanced upon a friend while walking Frida this morning and invited him over for tea.  Yes!  On the patio I heated water on the Coleman camp stove and brewed some oolong in a press pot.  It was an unexpected and enjoyable delight.

While I sat there I received emails from two other friends.  One was Mike Flanigan inviting us to his open house this Sunday from 10-5.  Details at the link.  Not sure we’ll make it this year, but you should go.  You don’t have to have an ANT, but a love of bicycles would be helpful.  I’ve been many times and have always enjoyed the food, the ride, the shop and the people.

The second was from Joe Levy, my tube hifi guy.  He was inviting me to his listening room to check out his latest projects.  I sorta feel bad mentioning it since it isn’t open to the public, but it is too exciting to keep to myself.  Problem is I may have a scheduling conflict.  We’ll see.  Fingers crossed.  wbd

Point is, sometimes I feel a little lonely.  A day later and it all changes.  I am just greedy for friends.  Is there anything better?

Hope you are well.  Have a great weekend.

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