Very Small

Good morning.  How are you?  Well here!

I drove to the hardware store to buy corn gluten for the fall lawn application.  I asked if the snow shovels were out and both employees within earshot burst out laughing.  “It is only October!” and “Do you know something we don’t know?” It was intended to be good natured ribbing, but I wasn’t in the mood.  Truth be told, I do know some things they don’t know.  For starters, I don’t take my car out but once a week, if that, so each trip has to count (even if that means buying a shovel a month or two early).  Second, their store is too far from my house so I won’t be in again until spring, when I return for another bag of corn gluten (I used to buy two at once until I learned that mice love eating corn gluten).   Third, I wanted to buy a snow shovel from them, while I was there, and now I won’t.  If I were quicker on my feet I would have shared this with them, but I am not and did not.  I just thanked them and paid for the corn gluten.  I sometimes wish I had never worked retail and learned along the way that the customer is always right.  That expectation is always causing me trouble.

I stopped at a new to me Shop Rite on the way home.  I love grocery store tourism.  I walked every aisle and came away with one thing.  But what a thing!  Lesserevil Brands Snack Food Co.’s Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink.pc

In Wilton, Connecticut, they are popping organic popcorn in organic coconut oil and adding Himalayan pink salt.  Nothing else and nothing else needed.   Absolutely wonderful.  I was expecting a less than perfect texture, it having been popped and bagged a state away, but they have it down.  Perfect.  Strange that I should run into this just now, having recently enjoyed the same snack at the Madison Theater (except it is probably the case that the Madison is using a less precious salt).  I’ll be making the same here at home, but if the Co-op carried this I’d be a regular buyer.  fap

That’s enough.  Please take care.

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