Oh the Google.  I’ve had an account with Youtube for years.  Then, as you surely know, Youtube was acquired by Google.  Later, Google created Google+.  For some time I’d log onto Youtube to post a video and I’d be badgered to create a Google+ account and link the two accounts.  I tried to say no but at some point I was signed up.  As bright and careful as I am, Google was too sneaky and it happened.  Then I’d get invites to join friends on Google+ even though I had not once looked at Google+.  That kind of bugged me.  Did a Google+ page exist for me that people were viewing?  What was on it?  I had no idea.  I just wanted it gone.

Yesterday I read about how to deactivate my Google+ account.  To save my Youtube account, I needed to delink Youtube and Google+, which I did according to directions from Google+.  Then I deactivated Google+.  Apparently the unlinking didn’t happen and now my Youtube account is gone along with all my videos many of which were shared on this blog.

The deactivation notice said I could reactivate.  I tried.  One of the security questions was when did I create my Google+ account.  Pretty sure I didn’t create it and, if I unwittingly did, I have no idea when.  Punchline–I can’t reactivate my Youtube account.  Kind of evil of Google, don’t you think?

Time to look for other services.  I’m thinking Vimeo for videos and Duck Duck Go for a search engine.  Let me know if you know of reasons I should look elsewhere.

I spent some time deleting from my posts embedded now blank videos.  I only made it back to April, 2014.  It is an annoying process so I will probably just leave older posts alone.  Not a big deal.  All of my videos were little things that were only meant to make the world a more quiet place and what could be more quiet than no video at all?

Today is supposed to be a perfect day, weather wise.  I hope you get out there and enjoy it.  Me, too.photo

Take care.


5 responses to “Uncool

  1. if it’s any consolation, the same thing happened to me with youtube. i didn’t have as many videos, but i wanted people to be abvle to se see the couple i’d posted. gone – as were the ranking and number of views when, i think, youtube, forced me to do something i was uninterested in doing. sorry to hear yours got dumped. you’ll have to let us all know how duck duck and vimeo work out…

    oh, and my reason for abandoning skyipe and using +google_hangouts was that skype has ZERO customer service, so when they started charging me 15$ every 30-60 seconds a few months ago, i had no recourse other than to send a note to them online. i eventually cut the link between my payment account and skype, but that didn’t keep them from trying to charge me again. note, that i only added money once, in 1999 when i was in china. the charges were all erroneous. there’s no way to quit skype. it’s on their webiste. they just recommend deleting your personal information and leaving the account up. soo, google hangouts it’s been ever since.,

    • Wow. That’s crazy. Glad to know I’m not alone in my failures to traverse eWaters. Things are becoming less free all the time. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Someone has to pay to keep the juice flowing to the server farms. I guess we’d be happier though if they honestly presented a model that worked for all sides and then let us opt in and out easily and voluntarily.

      Thanks for sharing and hope to speak to you soon.

  2. lougriefburg@gmail.com

    d’oh! and here when i saw your name suggested, i had actually thought maybe you thought the social network that no one uses was actually your speed. sorry, dood.

  3. I’ve played with duck duck go. I liked it. I haven’t converted fully but it’s at least a second place I go now.

    Sorry about your videos! We would be sunk if that happened to us. It’s a good reminder to keep backups. Sorry though!


    Steve Lomnes 215.219.2466

    From mobile device. Please excuse typos, unintended autocorrects, and Siri miss-translations.


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