Very Quickly

Tamales in a pressure cooker!  From here (thanks folks!).  I placed a pint jar in the center to help hold the tamales upright.  tip

Twenty minutes on high pressure, then rest on plate for ten minutes to firm up.  Perfect and amazing (when you consider that conventionally steamed tamales require at minimum an hour to cook ).

See the air pockets in the picture below?  The fluffiest tamales I’ve ever made.  Probably due less to the pressure cooker than to the fact that I left an end of each corn husk open (I used to close both ends).  With an open end, about a tablespoon or two of dough  expanded out the opening.  Looked kind of horror show when I opened the pressure cooker, all oozy and wet, but now that I know they firm when rested for five or ten minutes, I’m not freaked out by wet dough when they first come out of the steam.  tu

I used masa harina from a bag.  Need to use up all five pounds before I try making my own masa for tamales with nixtamilized corn.

One cup of masa harina makes six tamales.  Perfect for two people and about as many as can easily fit in my six quart pressure cooker.ti

The filling is a roasted poblano, shredded seitan and tomatillo salsa.  So good!

Frida’s pep is still tied to the temperature.  70 degrees and she’s like a pup.  85 and she walks at speeds you’d expect for a shepherd aged 13 years.  Either way, she’s loading up on beechnut leaves while the loading is good.  I should mention her kidney values are still unchanged.  Not perfect, but holding firm.  A huge relief.  fib


That’s it for now.  Hope you are well.


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