From a Friend

Time for some politics!

My friend, Dale Getto, has asked me to reach out to you.  She’s asking for our help.  If you don’t know Dale, throughout her lifetime she has been active in causes related to social justice.  For example, she worked to ensure that human rights for the LGBT community were legitimized and protected.  Dale has also been on the ground electing people to office sympathetic to her values, often contrary to the “majority.”  On Tuesday, September 9th, she is running as a Judicial Delegate in this year’s Democratic Primary.

Judicial Delegates?  From here:

Judicial Delegates are elected during the same time as other political positions.  Unlike the other political positions, each political party elects judicial delegates.  The main responsibility of judicial delegates is to attend a convention where they elect individuals to the New York State Supreme Court.  This is an unpaid job, but requires little time, and is a great public service opportunity.  It also gives newcomers the opportunity to learn more about petitioning and the political process.  Judicial Delegates are unpaid elected officials who serve a two year term.

Did you know that delegates are typically handpicked by party leaders to vote for the party chair’s candidate of choice?  Dale is running, along with a slate of other citizens against this status quo, because she believes that voters should have a voice in choosing our next Supreme Court Judge and because she believes, as do I, that the people we elect to serve our communities should be more representative of those communities.  She is also running because of the glaring lack of diversity in our Judicial District – all of our three sitting Supreme Court trial judges are white men.

There are currently no women or persons of color serving  as Supreme Court justices in our 3rd Judicial district.  That’s because the white male leadership in our Albany County Democratic Party has only once nominated a woman for Supreme Court – one time in the history of our courts – and that was in 2001!  You and I have a chance to change that in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, September 9th.

It is 2014, and there were many opportunities for the party to make sure the bench reflects the citizenry of Albany County.  To that end, when Dale, along with the slate of delegates listed below win their seat, they will be supporting the candidacy of Judge Margaret Walsh.

Judge Walsh has the experience and qualifications to be an effective Supreme Court Judge.  She has been an Albany County Family Court Judge for almost 10 years and for more than five years has been an acting Supreme Court Justice: the court system has deemed her fit to handle Supreme Court cases.  Why shouldn’t we?

I hope you will agree that we deserve a choice in who serves us on the Supreme Court and that you will join me in supporting Dale Getto and the rest of the slate of delegates who think, as I do, that Judge Walsh is very well qualified to hold this important position.

If you live in the 109th Assembly District (represented by Patricia Fahey) please vote for Dale Getto and the other delegates appearing on the slate with her on Tuesday, September 9th.  If you live in either the 108th or the 110th Assembly Districts you’ll be voting for delegates from another slate committed to voting for Judge Walsh.  A list of delegates committed to voting for Judge Walsh is here.  Take a picture with your phone of the list of your delegates and bring it to the poll.

If you want help even further, please consider forwarding this post to your family, friends and social media contacts, along with your words of support.  Together we can make a difference!

Thank you.


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