The broken Blumels front fender–sad but not so sad and not sad for long.  rf

I realized the break at the lower fender brace was fortuitous.  Low enough on the fender that I could do a repair and the fender would still function as a fender.

I cut the fender above the break (pruning shears worked nicely), drilled out the rivets on the metal bridge below the break, moved the bridge two inches above the new fender end, drilled new holes and pop riveted the bridge and the plastic in place.



I’ve never pop riveted anything before.  I borrowed the tool and rivets from a neighbor for this project.  Pretty amazing tool.  Haven’t used one?  This guy will show you how.  Pop rivets are also called blind rivets.  Really handy where you can’t easily get to two sides of a project.  That said, if you can get to both sides, a classic rivet might be a more secure option.  Classic rivet?  That’s a rivet with a head on one side, perhaps a soft nail.  You mushroom out the side without the head using a press or a ball peen hammer.  This guy will show you how.

Bobbed, but only two and a half inches were lost.  fpLooks good from the inside too.



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